Avaya Telephones

Avaya one-X Deskphone
9600 Series

Brilliant audio quality, customization and performance – from a line of deskphones providing the ultimate voice communications experience. Display-based IP telephones with a context sensitive, graphical interface that can:

  •  Improve and simplify the traditional telephone experience.
  • Provide increased call control and call management capabilities.
  • Help boost productivity.
  • Increase worker satisfaction.

Take brilliant audio, add great productivity features and ease-of-use – not to mention, customized colors and a flexible design – and what do you have: A unique communications experience that can turn your business phone system into a competitive advantage.

The first thing you’ll notice about these next-generation deskphones – besides their stunning looks – is the amazing audio quality, making it much easier to hear multiple parties, thus enabling workers to increase productivity. They have easy-to-read graphical displays with contextual prompts that speed the process of navigating the interface, simplifying even the most complex telephone tasks. Plus, there are Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) capabilities built right in, which enable productivity enhancements like integration with Microsoft Outlook’s calendar.

The Avaya one-X® communications solutions offer even greater adaptability and flexibility. No matter what your needs – everyday use, essential communications, monitoring multiple lines or just a simple system for the lobby – there is an Avaya one-X phone that does precisely what you need (and more).

Your New Phone Is Calling

With enhanced productivity, great looks and terrific investment protection, the 9600 series is a sound investment in your business and your workforce – it can turn your phone system into a competitive edge. So which model is right for you?

The one-X Deskphone is available in multiple models for varied user profiles, so you can find exactly the right phone for your unique requirements. Avaya’s user research has identified four distinct types of needs
and has solutions to meet those needs. See which ones make the most sense for you.

Avaya 9610
IP Telephone

For the Walkup user: the 9610. People visiting your company – customers or suppliers, for example – are Walkup users. The streamlined 9610 provides a backlit display along with support for Web-based menus and directories that make it simple to easily access information such as a company directory and to then place a call.

Avaya 9620
IP Telephone

For the Everyday user: the 9620 LITE. For the Everyday user, a phone is one of many communications tools along with perhaps IM, email and PDA. While common functions such as directory and speed dial are important to this user, many other features that would typically be found on a traditional business phone might be superfluous. The 9620 provides three visible call appearances on a smaller display, with a simple interface offering easy access to the most important features. The 9620 is available in color.

Avaya 9630/30G and 9640/40G

Superior audio quality in both the handset and speaker, along with contextual navigation and prompts provide 1-button access to advanced features such as extension-to-cellular for the Essential user. The 9630 includes a high resolution backlit monochrome display, while the 9640 includes 1/4 VGA color. Both phones are available in native Gigabit Ethernet models.

Avaya 9650
IP Telephone

Avaya 9640
IP Telephone

Avaya 9670
IP Telephone

For the Essential user: the 9650, 9640 and 9670G. Essential users are easy to recognize – they are always on the phone. This power user relies on real-time voice communication and makes use of many advanced phone applications. The 9630G, 9650 and 9640 provide one-button access to advanced features such as Extension to Cellular and Extend Call to Mobile. These phones enable easy directory searches supported by contextual navigational menus and prompts. The 9630G and 9640G add integrated support for Gigabit Ethernet with an efficient PoE Class 2 rating.

The 9650 is available in color and greyscale. The 9670G provides Essential Users with the same features as the other models through a touch screen user interface. It supports integrated Gigabit and Bluetooth capabilities and is a PoE Class 2 device. The 9670G provides one touch access to applications through the Home Screen including favorite contacts, embedded Avaya applications as well as third party applications.

For the Navigator: the 9650 and Button Module. The Navigator also spends a great deal of time on the phone, largely handling calls for others. Receptionists and executive assistants are examples of Navigators. The 9650 provides one touch access to a great range of features and functions; it comes with an integrated button expansion module for quick access to features and people and super efficiency.

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Avaya 5400 Series


Avaya 5400 series digital telephones deliver advanced productivity-boosting features, including a large display, key labeling and a 100-entry call log. They are designed to be a cost effective choice for any business or contact center using IP Office.


The Avaya 5400 series digital telephones come standard with the following capabilities:

  • The 5400 series digital telephones simplify access to important features with:
    • Up to 10 fixed feature keys with global-ready icons: Hold, Conference, Transfer, Drop, Redial, Mute, Volume up/down, Speaker, Message and Feature (to access additional dial pad features)
    • Up to 24 programmable call appearance/feature keys that are electronically labeled (except 5402)
    • 4 menu/display navigation keys (5410 and 5420 only)
  • Call log (48 entries on 5410; 100 entries on 5420)
  • Local speed dials (48 with 5410, 104 w/ 5420)
  • 2-way speakerphone (listen-only on 5402)
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Built-in headset jack (5410 and 5420 only)
  • 8 personalized ring patterns
  • Hearing aid compatibility • Investment protection with downloadable firmware (except 5402)
  • Wall mountable with included desk/wall mount stand
  • Local language customization for phone menu (except 5402)


The 5400 series telephones bring Avaya state-of-the-art technology directly to your desktop, delivering efficient service, superior voice quality, along with cutting-edge communications features. Label-less call appearance/feature keys simplify administration. Local call log and speed dial directory enhance productivity.

Avaya 5402

Avaya 5410

Avaya 5420

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Avaya 4600 Series

Avaya’s time-tested line of traditional IP deskphones.

  • Integrated VPN client available for remote telephone deployments.
  • one-X Quick Edition support – Avaya’s peer to peer solution for small business.

Avaya 4610SW

Medium sized monochrome display, paperless button labels, and full duplex speakerphone for the Everyday user.

Avaya 4621SW – 4625SW

Larger backlit display, paperless button labels, 24 programmable feature keys, web browser, and full duplex speakerphone for the Essential user.

4601 – A basic 2-line Walkup phone.

4602SW+ – Small screen-based phone for basic Everyday user.

4622SW – Built specifically for the contact center environment.

4690 – For conference and breakout rooms.

Avaya 3631

Untether Yourself The Avaya 3631 Do you hate to miss calls when you’re away from your desk? Want the convenience of wireless and the benefits of IP-based converged communications – and without the cost and service inconsistency of cellular technology?

The Avaya 3631 wireless IP telephone connects to your existing WLAN, giving you access to the full range of PBX functionality. It can be bridged to your desk phone allowing you to transfer calls freely between the two, and giving you complete flexibility to start a call at your desk phone and then go mobile, or vice versa. With 24 call appearance capacity, the 3631 provides ample capacity for monitoring multiple bridged lines, perfect for the power administrative assistant with a multi-line phone.

The Avaya 3631 wireless has an easy-to-read color screen and the same Avaya one-X Deskphone interface as the Avaya 9600 series, so there’s no learning curve. All you need is a Wi-Fi network and Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager or Avaya Distributed Office – no additional servers are necessary.

Avaya 1600 Series

A new value priced line of deskphones designed to meet basic communication needs in a low-cost package with the quality and reliability you expect from Avaya.

  • Backlit character displays in all models.
  • 2-way speaker phones in all models.
  • Familiar telephone user interface with fixed feature keys and dual red-green LEDs for each administrable feature button.

Avaya 1603

For Walkup and Everyday users: Streamlined interface ideal for use in a lobby or reception area. 3 administrable buttons allow for basic support for an Everyday user with minimal telephone needs.

Avaya 1608

All the critical features for an Everyday user of a deskphone. Supports 8 administrable buttons as well as productivity enhancing applications such as Contacts and Call Log and an infrastructure cost-reducing Ethernet port for attaching a PC.

Avaya 1616

Includes 16 administrable buttons as well as support for a 32-button expansion module for Navigator users monitoring their own line appearances plus those of others. A slightly larger display

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Avaya 1400 Series

The 1400 Series Digital Deskphones is a new, value-priced family of deskphones designed to meet communication needs with the quality and reliability you expect from Avaya.

The 1400 Series Digital Deskphones family is designed for the same user profiles as the 9600 Series IP Deskphones or the 1600 Series IP Deskphones. By providing a range of endpoints covering the differing needs of users, Avaya makes it possible for companies to equip their workforce with deskphones that look great, sound better, enhance productivity, and turn communications into a competitive advantage. With similar industrial design, the 1400 Series Digital Deskphones, 1600 Series IP Deskphones and the 9600 Series IP Deskphones may be deployed in mixed environments or on their own, delivering:

  • Digital telephones for the value-oriented customer
  • Straightforward, familiar access to the most common telephony features
  • Cost effective, competitive price point
  • Quality and reliability you expect from Avaya

For businesses seeking an easy, cost-effective solution for digital networks, Avaya presents the 1400 Series Digital Deskphones. With features and capabilities of the Avaya digital/DCP network, these phones offer an attractive upgrade from older systems or an addition to your existing Avaya phone solution portfolio.

The 1400 Series Digital Deskphones combine traditional telephone features such as dual LED indicators and fixed feature buttons (e.g., conference, transfer, hold) with contemporary innovations such as softkeys, navigation wheel and a context-sensitive user interface. Also standard on the 1400 Series Digital Deskphones: speakerphones, white backlit displays and multi-line capabilities. These stylish phones are a smart addition to any retail store, branch or corporate office.

A Familiar, Functional Interface

The 1400 Series Digital Deskphones combine the best of past and present. Fixed keys – familiar to any phone user – provide easy access to the most common features. Meanwhile, flexible softkeys provide contextual guidance and prompts for ease of use and efficiency.

Clear Sound, Clean Looks

The 1400 Series Digital Deskphones offer clear, clean audio that will more than satisfy the most discerning users. All models come with an integrated speakerphone. The phone’s streamlined industrial design reflects its function as a true business-class communications device.

Built-in Investment Protection

The 1400 Series Digital Deskphones have been engineered to adapt to your company’s growing needs. The headset interface allows you to attach headsets on your 1408 Digital Deskphone and 1416 Digital Deskphone, while the 32-button expansion module for the 1416 Digital Deskphone can be custom-programmed to fulfill a wide range of specific user needs.

Avaya 1403

For IP Office Only

Avaya 1408

Avaya 1416

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Avaya EU24

Avaya 24
Button Extension

Allows for quick and easy dialing.