BCM 50

Take advantage of affordable, converged voice and data communications and applications that were previously only available to larger organizations.  Boost employee productivity and customer satisfaction with a costeffective solution that connects employees and locations — efficiently, reliably and securely.  Do it with an all-in-one platform that fulfills the converged voice and data needs of your small sites, franchises or branch offices.

Avaya Business Communications
Manager 50

Avaya Business Communications Manager 50 is a unique platform that provides a choice of IP-enabled or pure IP strategies, with simultaneous support for IP and traditional business sets — and smooth migration from one to the other.

The platform is ideal for businesses that need support for up to 20 users with room to grow to 40+ users with advanced capabilities, including:

  • Robust telephony features
  • Voice messaging and unified messaging
  • IP networking
  • Mobility solutions
  • Internet/intranet access
  • Contact centers with skills-based routing
  • IP telephony to users’ desktops
  • Integrated router option for Ethernet or ADSL broadband access

Business Communications Manager 50 enables you to migrate to convergence in phases from today’s hybrid environment to pure IP. Whether you’re ready for convergence today or a year from now, your options will be open and your investment secure.


BCM 50 vs Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition BCM 50 vs NEC Aspire S

Reap the benefits of a winning solution

With Avaya Business Communications Manager 50, you can transform communications from basic utility to competitive advantage through powerful capabilities and cutting-edge applications. As your business needs change, both in capacity and features, you can add software and system expansion modules so your network keeps pace as your business grows.


Improve customer and client satisfaction

Prompt and efficient call handling enables callers to reach you anytime, anywhere for an elevated level of customer service. For example, with automated attendant and voice messaging functions, customers can make inquiries, place orders or schedule service any time of the day or night. Mailboxes are virtually unlimited, as the Business Communications Manager 50 provides 100 hours of message storage. Enhance employee productivity A rich portfolio of convenience and control features, secure Internet access and enhanced mobility provide the means for users to stay in touch when away from their desks. For example, call forward and redirect features enable you to customize internal call routing as staff members visit other offices, move or change responsibilities. Support for mobility solutions such as multi-cell digital mobility further enhance productivity by extending reach for wireless handset users on the move. You can even leverage your existing infrastructure for data and voice through a WLAN IP option that supports most Avaya IP Phone 2004 features, and wireless standard WMM (Wi-Fi Multi- Media QoS) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access security).


Increase revenues and encourage repeat business

Take advantage of optional intelligent contact center and self-service applications that make it easier and more enjoyable for customers to do business with you. For example, skills-based routing sends callers promptly and directly to the agent most qualified to help them.


Reduce operational costs

Streamline administration and centralize messaging and management applications for your multiple sites using your existing LAN and the Internet to securely transmit voice and fax calls, and capitalize on new IP services. The Avaya Network Configuration Manager helps you create and maintain a centralized database of system configurations, so it’s fast, easy and inexpensive to bring new systems online. Optimize the network The Business Communications Manager 50 enables you to use your existing LAN to carry voice/fax calls, and interwork with third-party network elements and applications. You can order your Business Communications Manager 50 base unit with integrated Ethernet or ADSL router — that’s one less element to think about. And with security features such as SFTP for SSH Encrypted File Transfers and SNMPv2/v3, you can use your network to its fullest without worrying that information will be compromised.


Project a corporate-caliber image at a small-business price

The affordable Business Communications Manager 50 unit, scaled for small sites, comes pre-loaded with hundreds of features and a full suite of integrated applications. As your business grows and its needs evolve, you can activate more capabilities — simply by entering a keycode.

  • One of the industry’s largest portfolios of telephony features — more than 400 in all — lets you process calls with exceptional reliability, efficiency and flexibility. You can be sure that all callers receive prompt, professional treatment. Employees enjoy convenience, productivity and control features that reduce phone tag and frustration. For example, the system can put a call on hold to page a person, who can then pick up the call from any extension.
  • Voice messaging enables callers to leave important information on a mailbox for a selected user, department or groups of users. The system adds call information, such as calling line ID, time and date of the calls and priority level. Employees can record their own personalized greetings and enjoy password-protected access to their messages from anywhere.
  • Automated attendant answers calls 24 hours a day with your personalized greetings, and routes calls to the right people, departments or voice mailboxes — according to time of day, day of week, holiday schedule and calling line ID. The routing logic can include multiple levels, so callers can selfdirect to exactly the right destination.
  • Unified messaging consolidates voice, fax and email messages onto users’ PCs or laptops, to be managed by one standard application, such as Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. Convergence of services over IP supports powerful new e-business applications that improve operations and customer service, cost-effectively  extend network services to remote workers, increase portability, simplify moves and changes, and eliminate toll charges for site-to-site calls.
  • Universal Internet access gives authorized users access to the company intranet or the Internet. Optional security features — such as authentication, encryption, firewall and virtual private networks (VPNs) — provide safe connectivity among business sites and for mobile or homebased employees. Flexible working solutions are enabled via the direct termination of up to 10 IPSec clients. This supports up to 10 simultaneous remote worker sessions enabling secure access to the company’s voice and data communications network from anywhere a high-speed connection is available.
  • Intelligent Contact Center offers basic contact center functionality with flexible selection for up to 50 agents, 30 skill sets and reporting capabilities. Incoming calls can be distributed among designated employees to create an order desk, reservations department, customer service group or technical support center so callers have an express lane to the right destination, and agents can give the best possible service.
  • Computer Telephony Integration puts important call-related information at the agent’s fingertips. You can enrich the caller/agent interaction with Web click-to-call, cobrowsing and ‘pushed’ Web pages.  Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables you to use third-party, PC-based applications to control telephone services, such as a click-to-call company directory or automatic screen “pops” of a customer’s account status alongside a customer’s call. It’s simple to activate, set up and manage these applications from any workstation that has LAN or Web access, using a standard management application called Element Manager and “Start up Profile”.
  • Ad-hoc conferencing allows for up to 18 simultaneous conference participants in multiple conferences — all on the same user interface as an existing three-way conference.


Put the power of Business Communications Manager in users’ hands

Avaya offers a wide range of userfriendly telephone sets to fit any niche in the business, from the front desk to the conference room, from supervisors who spend their days on the phone to mobile workers who are never at their desks.

The Business Communications Manager 50 integrates with the Avaya IP Phone 1100 series, an exciting new generation of desktop IP Clients which includes support for high-resolution graphical displays, USB, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth (selected models), and a local secure tools menu for simplified administration.


For traditional digital telephony…

There’s an entry-level, single-line telephone ideal for public areas such as cafeterias and lobbies… a choice of multi-line, display telephones and consoles for moderate to high-volume users… cordless phones, plus an audioconferencing unit.


When you want to take advantage of IP on the network side…

Your employees can use any combination of IP and non-IP telephones, extending your investment in digital business sets while migrating to convergence in stages — when your business is ready.


When you’re ready to extend
convergence over IP to users’ desktops…

There’s a choice of industry-standard, multi-line IP telephones with integrated LCD display screens, and an IP “softphone” that transforms an existing laptop or desktop PC into a converged voice/data communications platform. Since a single Business Communications Manager 50 unit can support any combination of these phone sets, you can mix and match for the best economy and utility.

Common software across Avaya communications systems enables you to upgrade systems easily and without major investment. For example, if you upgrade from Avaya Norstar to Business Communications Manager, or from a Business Communications Manager 50 to a Business Communications Manager 200 or 400 model, you can choose to keep the same telephones on users’ desks.


Buy only what you need today.
Expand as needed.

Add capacity

The Business Communications Manager 50 base unit was designed to meet the interface requirements of many small businesses and to be affordable for sites with as few as 3 to 20 users. However, this scalable platform grows to support more than 40 digital set users and 32 IP set users. Buy the ports you need today, and activate additional ports later as you need them. When you need to grow beyond the base unit, just add media bay modules — such as the cost-effective Analog Direct Inward Dial (ADID) MBM (not supported in all markets; refer to technical documentation or detailed product description) — to add ports in various combinations of lines, trunks and extensions. You can activate those ports at any time by downloading a simple keycode. Unlike other systems on the market, you don’t have to replace the core hardware.

Add capabilities

Since all features and applications are pre-loaded onto your Business Communications Manager 50 system, these too can be easily activated through the use of a simple keycode. If you’re  not sure which applications are right for your business, Avaya makes it easy to decide by offering a 60-day free trial for most applications — from voice messaging to the latest CTI applications.

Upgrade without an overhaul

Through open standards and an “evergreen” development strategy, Business Communications Manager 50 platforms fit well in hybrid environments that contain a mix of analog, digital, IP and wireless services. And since it interworks with other Avaya key/PBX systems, larger Business Communications Manager systems and our portfolio of convergence call servers, you have a smooth migration path — wherever your business success leads you.


Easy to install.
Easy to manage.

Business Communications Manager 50 systems are straightforward, reliable, cost-effective, easy to install and easy to use. The Business Communications Manager 50 comes in a rugged, plastic enclosure about the size of a package of printer paper. This compact, all-in-one unit can stand alone on a desktop, be mounted in an optional 19 inch (48 cm) equipment rack, or wall mounted with an optional mounting bracket.

Simplify administration with integrated management tools

The Business Communications Manager 50 comes with its own intuitive management application. You can monitor and program the entire system, with its many capabilities, from just a few windows of the software. You don’t even have to have a PC or IP connection to manage the unit, because most functions can be programmed through any connected telephone set.

Easily manage large, distributed networks

If your enterprise network includes hundreds or even thousands of Business Communications Manager systems — even a mix of models, you can manage all those systems efficiently from a central location. The Avaya Network Configuration Manager helps you create and maintain a centralized database of system configurations, so it’s fast and easy to bring new systems online, back up system information, and restore system information from archived data.

Take advantage of centralized applications

You can further streamline network administration by centralizing applications for messaging and management, and distributing those capabilities over your IP network. In addition to saving money, your organization benefits from standard greetings, global administration and a consistent interface and experience across the entire network.

Integrate telephony and data with one cost-effective device

The Avaya Business Communications Manager 50 system combines the best elements of high-end digital PBX phone systems, cutting-edge convergence solutions and robust data networking in one affordable package. By integrating advanced data networking and comprehensive telephony features in a single device, Business Communications Manager 50 delivers a level of system integration and flexibility rarely seen in the industry. Combine this with quick setup and ease of operation, and Business Communications Manager 50 is clearly the logical choice for your business.

From Avaya
Affordable converged voice and data communications

Count on the company that has been delivering telephony and data systems to the world’s largest service providers and enterprises for decades — the company that pioneered the digital revolution, reinvented business networking in the Internet Age, and leads the market in small and medium business telephony today. To find out more about Avaya Business Communications Manager 50, visit www.Avaya.com/bcm50.