VOIP Business Communications Manager

The unified communications solution that actually gives you an edge on your competition.

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Key Features

Cost-effective scalability from 10 to 200+ stations using a mix of digital and IP stations.

Simplified network infrastructure cuts costs by connecting IP phones over the LAN wiring system, seamlessly extending features to multiple sites through IP connectivity and streamlining network management. IP trunking enables a business to optimize network bandwidth and reduce network costs.

Redundancy options, including power, fans and hard-drive, automatically detect failures and switches over seamlessly without any loss of service. This optional feature provides protection where security and reliability are the key drivers to communications systems.

Browser-based management simplifies installations, and provides an intuitive, wizards-based method of managing the network from any Web-enabled workstation.  Unparalleled telephony features – with the most complete telephony feature offering for small sites, no business has to make compromises on how to process critical customer calls.

Full suite of applications – including voice messaging, unified messaging, interactive voice response, multimedia call center and wireless, enable your business to streamline costs, be more productive, and better serve customers.

What is BCM?

Business Communications Manager is a new Unified Networks product from Avaya Networks. It is an IP-enabled integrated voice and data communications system that offers customers Avaya Networks’ renowned reliability, unparalleled choice, and market leading technology. Business Communications Manager allows small and medium businesses to customize their communication system and meet their needs by selecting packet switching, circuit switching, or both; various desktop options; and the right mix of voice and data software applications that are optimized for individual business requirements.

Business Communications Manager is a powerful tool for small and medium businesses that are considering integrating and unifying their voice and data communication requirements. By leveraging Avaya Networks’ strengths in voice, data services, and applications, Business Communications Manager delivers a complete, cost-effective and simplified small site communication solution.

Business Communications Manager is an IP-enabled Communications System that integrates PBX functions, VoIP gateway functions, and quality of service data routing functionality in a single box. Business Communications Manager also provides various IP networking services, increasing your ability to efficiently communicate and collaborate between multiple locations. The chassis is a versatile platform mounted in a 19″ rack, stacked on a table top, or wall mounted. The Business Communications Manager platform runs on the Embedded Windows NT 4.0 system. For enhanced reliability and consistency of voice service call processing is handled independently of Windows NT.


What size system do I need?

The Communications Manager is a flexible, modular system that is easily configured to address your requirements. And, with its expansion platform, it can grow as your needs grow, to as many as 80 stations.

Business Communication Manager


An engineering firm’s challenges

A New York-based firm has three independent regional offices in Toronto, Paris and London. The engineering firm’s communications network looks like this:

  • Separate networks for voice and date throughout all sites presents problems
  • Data network is a hybrid WAN connecting branch offices to headquarters
  • No data link interconnecting branches
  • Real-time exchange of information between branch offices is impossible
  • Voice network has a confusing variety of non-standard interfaces
  • Home and branch offices have high long-distance communication bills
  • Planning is made difficult with no shared database needed to make sound growth decisions

The Business Communications Manager

The firm buys and implements Avaya Networks all-in-one-box, IP-based integrated voice and data solution. Now the engineering firm’s communications network looks like this:

  • Site-to-site data sharing and voice communication is established
  • Staff use the company’s toll-free intranet for phone calls
  • No time or money need be spent merging various existing devices
  • All voice functions are standard for each location
  • A four-digit dial plan using the built-in Voice over IP gateway, router and key system is implemented
  • Priorities are established for Voice over IP traffic using the integrated Quality of Service IP router
  • A new central file server is installed at the home office in New York and each branch is linked.



  • Branch offices now share files and access to each other’s information in real-time, whenever needed
  • Voice over IP capability eliminates long-distance telephone charges and improves bandwidth and reliability
  • Standard voice infrastructure upgrades easily and keeps training to a minimum
  • Data sharing and internal communication improves dramatically
  • Home office now has a shared database accessible by branch offices and gives management detailed information to help improve service, reduce costs and steer the company
  • Network reliability is ensured with automatic redundancy
  • Business Communication Manager pays for itself in months and opens the way to newer and better applications


Suppose your new product or service is so popular, your phones begin ringing off the hook – you need a call center fast. With Business Communications Manager, software applications are pre-installed, so all you have to do is enable them with a simple key code.  Additional capabilities are yours in a matter of minutes. Or maybe you’re considering a cutting-edge application like unified messaging to combine your voice messages, e-mail, and faxes on your desktop, but you’re not sure how it will work for your business. No problem. You can enable it with a key code, try it for free and see what you think. When it comes to building your communications network, you call the shots. Then, when you see firsthand the efficiency it offers your business, buy it and getting working for you. Choose from these productivity boosters:

  • 17Voice over IP
  • Unified messaging
  • Voice messaging
  • Fax messaging
  • Auto attendant
  • Call center
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Voice networking
  • Message networking
  • Attendant console desktop
  • Companion workplace wireless telephone



Durable, Dependable, Progressive

Avaya Networks’ Norstar and BayStack products have the highest reliability ratings in the industry. Business Communications Manager builds these same high quality and reliability standards into one unified package. We also designed, developed and tested all Business Communications Manager applications to work together seamlessly. Business Communications Manager works with our world-renowned, rock solid Norstar telephones or the new Business Series Terminals. These feature-rich phones come in a full range of models, and they’re legendary for being easy to use. Their window prompts guide users through each function, so there’s little training required. How reliable are our telephones? Norstar telephones have a Mean Time Between Failure rate of more than 50 years. You won’t find a more durable, dependable and progressive communications solution on the planet.



20Guarantee Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee gives you one full year to make sure our equipment is working as designed – or you get a full refund. At Avaya Networks, we’re so sure of our product quality we make this offer with every system, application or upgrade. That’s because we know from experience that our equipment is the finest on the market.


Eleven Million Customers & Growing

Avaya Networks is the global market leader for a good reason. Our products have stood the test of time. Maybe you’re one of our existing 11 million Norstar customers. Or maybe your Internet traffic is carried by our optical networking systems. (It’s likely, since they carry more than 75 per cent of North America’s traffic.) Or perhaps you’re using our BayStack hubs, routers, and network management applications. As a global leader in voice and data communications, Avaya Networks is one of the few companies capable of combining voice and data networks into one powerful, unified network – for any size business.





It’s Your Choice With Business Communications Manager you can build the exact communications network you want. Benefit from a unified communications system immediately or start with a voice system and add data capabilities later. You can send messages over voice circuits, data circuits, or both. You can start with voice mail and add Voice over IP, call center functionality, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), Internet access and increasingly more sophisticated applications, as you need them.


Avoid Growing Pains

The system is a flexible, modular system that is easily set up to meet your needs. With its expansion platform it can grow as your business grows, to as many as 80 stations.


One Great Decision Leads to Another

If you’re already a Avaya Networks customer, your investment was well placed. If you want to get the Business Communications Manager working for you, you can keep most of your investment. Your Norstar phone sets and all cabling remain in place. And, since the way your staff uses the features of the Business Communications Manager is so similar to Norstar, you also keep your investment in training.