Meridian CS1000 PBX

CS1000 and Meridian 1 – the leading PBX for medium and large organizations.

Meridian 1 from Avaya now operates in more than 150 countries and is the established choice for business class telephony while being easy to upgrade if you wish to migrate to IP – some two-thirds of users already have IP capable software. The CS (Communication Server) 1000 IP phone system – formerly known as Succession 1000 – builds on Meridian 1’s features and reliability to provide a pure IP solution.  Avaya Communication Server 1000 is the new single version of software for both Meridian and the CS 1000 IP phone system. With a consistent software and service wrap there’s no need to make an ‘either / or’ trade-off between Meridian’s trusted pedigree and the trailblazing opportunities that come with an all-IP platform.  The CS1000 and Meridian family can provide everything you need whether you have as few as 48 users or as many as 100,000 and however big your ambitions.

Key Features

  • Check which system is right for you on our options page.
  • Messaging, contact centres, conferencing and multimedia are just some of the applications you can choose from.
  • Empower effective flexible working with minimal extra costs for home, remote or branch workers.
  • A full range of phones to get the best from your systems whether it’s for basic telephony or taking advantage of the power of a fully converged IP network.