Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System

Imagine a communications system that will improve not only the way you communicate, but also the way you do business. A communications system with unsurpassed voice capabilities that also leads the industry in the trend of integrated voice and data, giving you the unified infrastructure, unparalleled choice, and customizable solutions your business needs to keep its edge. One that will actually improve the way your employees work to help your business do more business.

That communications system that can do all this and more for your business is the Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (ICS) from Avaya Networks. Norstar is the world’s leading communications system for small to medium-sized businesses because it’s unlike any other communications system. Think of the Norstar Modular ICS as your Unified Voice and Data Communications Gateway.

Norstar Modular ICS offers your growing business an unparalleled product portfolio with value-added applications and productivity-boosting features that are simple to use. Time to expand? It’s easy to add phones, incoming lines, and sophisticated data capabilities as you need them.

Plus, you decide when to grow your business by adding solutions like enhanced voice mail, computer database “screen pops”, and even automatic call distribution (ACD) to help you better route calls throughout your company. And that’s just for starters.

Powerful Solutions

Managing the hundreds of communications your business receives a day can be time-consuming and often frustrating. You and your employees spend so much time chasing messages, returning phone calls, and trying to figure out how to transfer information, that there’s little time left for other work. There is a way to improve the way you communicate so you can be more productive.

The Norstar Modular ICS supports dedicated Internet access devices that make available to your business such powerful branch-to-branch solutions as data networking, VoIP trunking for voice and fax (VoIP Gateway), desktop messaging, digital networking, complex call centers, WAN support, and voice mail. You can also network up to 10 Norstar sites over Primary Rate Interface (PRI) for private networking, bringing the benefits of centralized voice mail, unified dialing plans, and centralized auto attendant.

Plus, your Norstar offers many advanced features to make your internal and external communications more efficien-features like Internal Messaging, so you can leave a message for another employee who’s on a call or away from their desk; or Call Log, which works with Call Line Identification to let you see who called while you were away from your desk. And every Business Series Telephone has an integrated LCD window, which lets you easily take advantage of Norstar features with a glance and the touch of a button. Norstar is an expert at business communication, so your employees don’t have to be.

What’s more, Norstar Modular ICS can be easily programmed to fit the way your business and each user communicates, so sales professionals who don’t want to accept calls during client meetings can program their phone for one-touch Do Not Disturb. Or if they want to forward calls to their home office, a button on their phone can be programmed to Forward. Your employees will see the difference right away; they’ll enjoy using Norstar, and you’ll enjoy their increased productivity.


High-speed  Communications

To stay ahead of the competition, your business has to get, move, and use information quickly and efficiently. Right now you may be relying on couriers, employee travel, or dedicated lines to move information from one place to another. But those can often be expensive and time-consuming – ineffective for your business. Norstar Modular ICS supports Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI), industry-standard digital services from your telephone service provider, as well as full and fractional T1 (up to three supported on MICS) voice and data communications. ISDN helps reduce costs while speeding up and simplifying communications. As your communications gateway, Norstar Modular ICS gives you all you need to create the voice and data solution your business requires. Norstar Modular ICS supports dedicated point-to-point communications and private networking between locations, allowing multiple site offices, branch locations, and telecommuters to shar information and applications instantly and easily over a single integrated voice and data network.  

With Norstar Modular ICS, you can create a private network between Norstar sites for shared applications, common dialing plans, and more.  

What’s more Norstar Modular ICS offers multiple connection options that let your business get the greatest leverage from your intranet or corporate network, your local telephone company, or your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Whether you require analog lines for general communications or faster, clearer digital lines though ISDN BRI, PRI, or TI services, your build the Norstar Modular ICS that’s right for your business.  

The Norstar Modular ICS also supports the Norstar VoIP Gateway for trunk-side voice and fax communications over an IP connection. The Norstar VoIP Gateway offers great value to Norstar customers, providing the choice of enhanced voice applications at a very reasonable price and enabling them to access high-quality VoIP networking between Norstar systems. They can leverage their data network for voice and fax comunications for significant cost savings. The Norstar VoIP Gateway is compatible with all levels of Modular ICS software loads and provides Unified Diealing and CLID between Modular ICS sites and CICS, Meridian 1, and Succession 1000 Avayal Networks solution sites. The Norstar VoIP Gateway provides simple operations with or without a Gatekeeper and is fully compatible with other Norstar systems.   

Integrated Applications

Since your business is constantly growing and changing, your communications system has to be able to keep up to meet your needs today with an eye towards tomorrow. The Norstar Modular ICS becomes your communications gateway by providing your business multiple applications support and a powerful set of integrated voice capabilities combined with robust data functionality. Once this solid foundation is in place, you can build the other pieces as your company grows.

The Modular ICS makes it easy to add integrated applications when your business needs them—like voice mail for accurate and prompt message delivery; or desktop messaging so you can manage voice, fax, and e-mail messages from your PC; and even customer database “screen pops” through computer telephony integration (CTI), that let your employees get the jump on customer service by knowing who’s calling and the status of the callers account even before answering the call— just to name a few.

Norstar applications work with each other and the system to further enhance communications. For example, Norstar Modular ICS can integrate voice mail and call center applications, allowing callers to leave a message requesting a callback instead of waiting in queue. Employees can check for voice and fax messages with one call, even when they’re on the road. This tight integration of voice and data applications means your business runs smarter and more efficiently, which can lead to greater employee satisfaction and, more importantly, happier customers who want to continue doing business with you.


Remarkable Scalability

Norstar provides seamless growth to meet the demands of your growing business. There’s extraordinary room to expand the capacity of the Modular ICS. You simply add modules in building-block fashion to grow the system. The Norstar Modular ICS can start with just a few incoming lines and telephones and grow to up to 272 ports in various combinations of lines and expansion levels.

And if you’re upgrading from a Norstar Compact ICS to the Modular ICS, your initial investment is protected because you can re-use existing hardware and peripherals. You’ll retain all your Norstar telephones and most system components, as well as Norstar applications for your Modular ICS. Nothing on the desktop changes – phones, computers, and the way you use them all remain the same.


Norstar Quality and Reliability

The high level of quality and performance designed and manufactured right into the Modular ICS provides an exceptional advantage: standard-setting reliability. More than ever, your communications system is a vital link to your customers. Downtime and other problems can halt information flow and result in lost sales. The value you’ll gain from the Norstar Modular ICS will be apparent immediately. With every communication, you and your employees will get more done. You’ll notice and appreciate the difference; and, more importantly, so will your customers. You can breathe easy with the Norstar Modular ICS. In fact, Norstar is an industry leader in reliability and manufacturing quality. And the Modular ICS is built on everything that’s made Norstar the #1 small-system choice for businesses around the world. Best of all, the company that stands behind the advanced technology of Norstar Modular ICS is Avaya Networks. Founded in 1895, Avaya Networks is now one of the world’s leading providers of communications equipment and systems. And because Norstar Modular ICS is from Avaya Networks, you can count on its quality and reliability for years to come.