Contact Center Portfolio

Avaya’s Contact Center portfolio of products provide the means for customers or clients to do business with you consistently and seamlessly – on their terms – anywhere, anyway, and anytime.

Avaya’s Contact Center portfolio enable enterprises to engage with their customers in new ways that set them apart from the competition.  By providing blended multimedia capability and outbound calling campaigns that utilize existing TDM investments or powerful converged IP infrastructures, businesses have the advantage of choosing their optimum deployment approach. What really sets our contact center solutions apart are their scalability and flexibility, a powerful virtual contact center with agents and supervisors located anywhere a secure IP connection can be made.

Agent Greeting

Agent Greeting automates the agent’s greeting, enabling each agent to pre-record single or multiple greetings that can be played to callers before the agent handles the live call. Agent Greeting involves the use of the Voice Processing Series (VPS) platform (ITG, MIRAN) on which the greeting recordings are stored and accessed every time the agent answers a call at his or her set.

Key Features

  • Supports agent-specific greetings for Meridian 1 ACD and skillset-specific greetings in Contact Center nvironments
  • Provides telephony-class high reliability and offers Web-based interface for Agent Greeting card OA&M Supports remote loadware/DSP firmware upgrade over IP network
  • Supports 24 greeting ports per card – up to 72 ports total
  • Supports up to 2000 configured agents in a multi-card environment


Contact Center Manager Server

Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) offers a scalable solution for dynamic contact center environments requiring sophistication and differentiation in the care offered to their customers. CCMS provides skill-based routing; call treatment flexibility, real time displays, multimedia routing, and comprehensive management and reporting functionality – empowering contact center managers with the tools and agility to deliver unique and unprecedented care to their customers. The rich scripting language supports multifaceted call routing and treatment decisions based on combinations of real time conditions.  CCMS for Meridian 1/Succession 1000, supports both time-division multiplexing (TDM) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) network infrastructures.

Key Features


  • Intelligent Call Handling – Customize call routing and treatments based on customer defined combinations of call center conditions Skill-based Routing – Route callers to the resources best equipped to handle specific inquiries or customer segments
  • Comprehensive Management Reporting – Provides managers with decision-making tools – from real-time displays to historical reports – reflecting contact center activity, agent performance, resource utilization and trends
  • Open Interfaces – Supports third-party applications such as readerboards, workforce adherence and scheduling
  • Investment Protection — Grows and adapts to your company’s evolving needs, employing open architecture, flexible design, and built-in scalability

Contact Center – Multimedia

Contact Center – Multimedia is a Microsoft Windows 2000 client/server multimedia contact center application blending e-mail, web and telephony communications using Contact Center Manager Server or Contact Center – Express applications. Contact Center – Multimedia is a modular, software-only solution that can be implemented in stages. The modules are E-mail Manager with Click-to-Call, Multimedia Manager and Web Communication Manager.

Key Features

  • Modular portfolio design offers ease of migration and operational flexibility.
  • Comprehensive and feature-rich solutions that can be easily implemented.
  • Investment protection, enabling Avaya’s contact center customers to migrate without investing in completely new infrastructures.
  • Seamless integration with Symposium contact center applications.
  • Unprecedented skills-based routing of voice and Web requests.

Contact Center Manager Administration

Contact Center Manager Administration, a browser-based thin client, is compatible with Contact Center Manager Server Release 4.0 or higher. Contact Center Manager Administration uses Internet Explorer to connect to contact center management tools, reports and real-time displays.

Key Features


  • Centralized Management – client software is moved to a dedicated application server and accessed through an Internet Explorer browser for centralized installation, configuration, management, and administration.
  • New Agent Desktop Displays – Real-time displays provide agents with performance statistics.
  • Improved User Management – Drag-and-drop agent re-assignments save time and simplify supervisor assignments. Multiple sites can be managed using a single Web browser.
  • Graphical Real-Time Displays – View critical real-time contact center information through a collection of customizable graphical displays.
  • Historical Reporting – Centralized reporting enables sharing of public reports and provides email notifications on the completion of scheduled reports.

Contact Center – Express

Contact Center – Express is a server-based software application that combines skill-based routing, call treatment flexibility, extensive management reporting and intuitive management tools to deliver a versatile and easily managed solution to departmental-level or smaller contact centers with up to 150 active agents. Contact Center – Express Release 4.2 is supported on the Meridian 1 and Succession 1000 platforms.

Key Features

  • Skill-based routing combines with call treatments configured to meet the needs of various customer segments, improving caller response and reducing handling time.
  • Comprehensive management reporting tools offer real-time displays and historical reports reflecting contact center activity, agent performance, resource utilization and trends. The open database connectivity supports merging call data with other corporate data, thereby facilitating timely and informed operational decisions.
  • Windows-based, point-and-click management interface makes it easy to configure caller treatments, agent skill sets and resources that are in sync with business requirements.
  • Open interfaces provide integration with related applications, including reader boards, workforce management solutions, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Open architecture, flexible design and built-in scalability enable growth and adaptation to your company’s evolving needs.