Installation Services

The task of equipment installation is conducted in two phases — Evaluation, Recommendation, and Implementation. This service assures your organization that the equipment you purchase will provide the features you need today, and anticipate future needs and technological developments. EARTEL provides you with a complete examination of the market and what is available.

Phase I: Evaluation and Recommendation

  1. Evaluation  The first step to your purchase is a needs and options analysis. EARTEL will interview key staff members to determine system performance requirements, and determine the need for systems such as a PBX, Voice Mail, Call Accounting, and Integrated Voice Response (IVR). We then evaluate future business demands regarding voice and data requirements.  In addition, EARTEL will conduct a review of your physical site to determine any need for special cabling. It is imperative to maintain control of the cable distribution and its quality. If new cabling is required, EARTEL will provide pricing for your voice and data cabling.
  2. Recommendation  EARTEL will prepare a written evaluation of the systems being examined. EARTEL will make a specific system recommendation; however, your organization makes the final selection. Preparing a recommendation is a deliberative, step-by-step process. First, EARTEL will prepare a proposal, and submit it for your approval. Once you have accepted the parameters, EARTEL with begin the implementation procedures.


Phase II: Implementation

  1. Finalize Vendor Contract Terms EARTEL will work with customer on the final configuration, aftermarket price, warranty, installation expectations, and training requirements. Included in this process will be the vendor’s acceptance of liability for any downtime or delays with installation because of lack of coordination on their part.
  2. Establish Target Objectives  EARTEL will work with the customer to develop an implementation schedule for the process of implementing the new system(s). A time line will establish training and installation dates pertinent to your staff.
  3. Coordinate System Programming  EARTEL will work with the customer and your staff to develop programming to ensure the most user-friendly and efficient operation of the system(s), including features and system programming on all systems to be installed.
  4. Coordinate Cabling  EARTEL will work with the customer; to coordinate the installation of cable timely to the objectives established for the new system(s). This schedule will be determined by the cable design established during the Evaluation and Recommendation phase. EARTEL will oversee the installation as to the implementation of the prescribed cable design.
  5. Coordinate Pre-Installation Training EARTEL will coordinate multiple training classes for your staff to take place prior to the cut-over/changeover. This advance training will allow your staff to become familiar with the system’s operation prior to its installation.
  6. Oversee Installation and Post-Installation Training EARTEL project manager(s) will be on-site during the installation to oversee the effectiveness of the cut-over/changeover. We will also be available to the customer to manage programming issues and answer questions. In addition, we will coordinate and oversee the training process during and after the cut-over/changeover.
  7. Evaluate System Performance  EARTEL will prepare a written evaluation of the implementation process, including an analysis of the overall performance of the system itself. Your review of this document is the critical last step before you sign the vendor’s Certificate of Acceptance. Once the certificate is signed, EARTEL’s standard system services will be complete. Optional ongoing management and monthly monitoring services are also available for your consideration.


Special Projects

Many times a vendor’s response to its customer’s communication problem is to recommend the purchase of new equipment. This is often done without proper diagnosis of the actual problems. At EARTEL, our strong technical background and position as an Avaya specialist allows us to take a more responsible approach: we evaluate the problem, isolate it, arrange for testing to ensure the problem is what is suspected, and design multiple solutions for you, our client. We often find that the purchase of new equipment is not required; however, if it is, EARTEL will maximize your investment by isolating the problem, offering cost-effective solutions, and providing an independent recommendation regarding the feasibility of the proposed solutions.

EARTEL can handle your special projects. Count on our expertise for detailed network analysis, equipment procurement, or projects based on your specific requirements. Here are some examples of the special projects we perform for organizations like yours.



EARTEL will analyze your total telecommunication network needs. All recommendations are tailored to your organization’s requirements, and are based on cost, efficiency, performance, service, and user-friendliness.


Phase I: Network Definitions

EARTEL will perform statistical evaluations of these four areas of your network:

  1. Comprehensive Engineering Studies  
    EARTEL will team with your Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) to evaluate traffic that is currently originating or terminating at your organization. These detailed traffic studies provide the following information:
  1. Total circuit usage
  2. Total busy calls
  3. Daily busy hour
  4. Percentage of busyWe will then analyze this information using universally accepted telephone algorithms. The resulting information will allow us to tailor both the correct number of lines and the right hunting mix.


  • Records Reconciliation Audit  
    EARTEL will request your Customer Service Records (CSR) from both the LEC and your Long Distance Carrier. We will review your bills and services for the past year, and reconcile any incorrect invoices. EARTEL will also conduct an on-site survey to inventory all working circuits at your location. This information will be matched against your CSRs, your billing invoices, and finally against the carrier’s filed tariff. EARTEL will then file the necessary documents to procure any refunds or credits.


  1. LEC record review
  2. OCC review
  3. On-site survey
  4. Tariff verification
  5. Credit and refund application
  6. Line activity verification
  • Equipment Impact Evaluation
    EARTEL will perform in-depth evaluation as to the effectiveness and performance of your current equipment (CPE). We will evaluate current capability levels that are not being utilized. We will investigate the availability of and need for system upgrades. EARTEL will evaluate the cost of new equipment as compared to maintaining current levels, as well as negotiate vendor concessions on leases and maintenance agreements.

    1. Equipment inventory
    2. Lease agreements
    3. User reviews
    4. Maintenance agreements
    5. Utilization analysis
    6. Cost benefit analysis
    7. Alternative equipment
    8. Feasibility study
    9. Departmental communication review
    10. Peripheral needs analysis
  • Network Analysis This study will evaluate the statistical specifications of your costs to communicate. We will evaluate where your traffic is going, and at what time of day. This analysis will determine the correct product mixes for the optimum cost and port configurations within your network.
    1. Call patterns Incoming 800
    2. Traffic distribution
    3. Private line analysis
    4. Carrier (OCC) analysis
    5. Inter-office traffic
    6. Local line types
    7. Facility management



Phase II: Optimization Plan

EARTEL will use the statistical information gathered in Phase I: Detailed Network Analysis to compile recommendations in each area outlined. These recommendations will be based our analysis of factors such as system quality, user efficiency, ease of transition, ability to manage, adaptability, long-term effectiveness, and overall cost. Once compiled, our recommendations are presented for your review. Your organization determines which recommendations best fit your overall communications strategy, then approves those items for implementation. EARTEL will then act on your organization’s behalf to implement these changes. EARTEL will represent your organization during the entire length of our agreement for service and management of all facilities.

Today’s marketplace places great demands on organizational resources. Within many organizations, the placement of telecom responsibilities often lands by default on a particular person. To help you maximize telecommunications technology — without putting additional strain on your staff and its resources — turn to EARTEL. Our professionals will work with your staff to develop a strategic plan for your communications. This plan encompasses budget requirements, communication upgrades, technology solutions, deregulation opportunities, computer telephony integration, and Intranet applications, just to name a few. By outsourcing strategic services — and letting EARTEL’s professionals plan your telecommunications — your organization will be positioned for efficient operation. EARTEL’s staff will be at your disposal just as your own staff telecom professional would be. However, by relying on EARTEL’s professionals, you gain these benefits:

  • Unmatched experience and expertise in telecommunications
  • An independent, unbiased perspective
  • Knowledge and understanding of the latest technology
  • Ability to “free up” staff members within your organization for more productive activities


The EARTEL Difference!

Service Guarantees Buying something should not be a gamble! It’s not because salespeople exaggerate or misrepresent themselves, but because you can’t get enough information from a one-hour sales presentation and demonstration. A solid telecommunications buying decision can only be made if you are fully informed regarding:

  1. The vendor with whom you are about to partner.
  2. The equipment you are about to purchase and
  3. The true cost of what you are really paying for the next five years.

This is why EARTEL has taken the guesswork out of the relationship. We want you to understand and be comfortable with our pricing policies, service coverage, warranties, and guarantees. Aren’t you better off knowing what to expect? Listed below are the unique product and service offerings which are provided only by EARTEL. No other vendor comes close to our guarantees.

100% Money Back Guarantee: EARTEL guarantees in writing, that if you are in any way dissatisfied with our product for any reason during the first ninety days from the date of installation, we will give you a full 100% refund of the purchase price. That is our Money Back Guarantee. (P.S. We have never had to exercise this option for a client.)


Service Guarantee: (our Product Protection Plan)

  1.  In an emergency service situation, EARTEL guarantees 4 – hour response or the next service call is free.
  2.  In a non-emergency situation, EARTEL guarantees two-day response or the next service call is free.
  3. Request for additions, moves, or changes to your system, will be completed within one business week or EARTEL guarantees that the customer will receive an added 10% discount. Obsolescence Guarantee: We guarantee the trade-in price on a customer’s equipment if it was purchased from EARTEL, maintained by us, and traded in for one of our new systems (during 1st year 60% credit, 2nd year 50% credit, 3rd year 40% credit, etc.) Guarantee of Continuity: EARTEL guarantees that we will never cancel a customer’s protection plan for any reason other than nonpayment.